Rules to be a successful BharataNatyam Dancer   

  1. Half Sitting - Maintain Proper Half sitting (araimandi) – It is the forte of Bharatanatyam – can’t insist that enough!
  2. Expression REALLY matters
  3. Proper eye movements – eyes should follow the hand
  4. Mudras - Always hold clear Mudras
  5. Rhythm – Always keep proper thalam with the music
  6. Smile – ‘Yours is worth a million dollars’ Expression - ‘What is dance without it’?
  7. Stretch - Arms should be stretched while doing Adavus and kept at shoulder level when needed.
  8. Distance between hands – when held in the front keep 6 inches between your body and hands.
  9. Elbow Position - When the hand is held in from make sure the elbows are kept up
  10. Practice! – ‘makes you perfect’

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