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Program Checklist

Here are the items you need

  •  Hair pins*
  • Bindi- Red or Brown round preferred*
  • Safety Pins*
  • Lipstick*
  • Foundation*
  • Eyeliner*
  • Eye shadow/Blush- Optional*
  • Mirror*
  • Cotton balls*
  • Comb*
  • Scissors*
  • Paper Towel*
  • Black string*
  • Water/Juice/Snacks*
  • Costume- make sure you have all pieces*
  • Ornaments and accessories(including flower/hair bun/fake hair etc)*
  • Salangai /Chilanka/ Ghungroo(Ankle Bells)- Those who received it only can wear it. 
  • Song -(If I am not coming to the event )
  • Any other things you may need for 2-3 hours
  • Performers Bring:

A nice big smile and confidence!

General Guidelines*

Please arrive on time and have kids sit with their group until their dance is over. 

Check with me once you arrive at the location.* (if I am coming to that event, if not to your group leader)

Parents are responsible to get the kids ready(including make up).If you have questions on how to do the hair or how to wear the costume, ornaments, please ask me when you come for class.* I can also arrange helpers if needed(if available)

Use the bathroom if needed before getting ready.*

Do the hand color(totally optional and not recommended for little kids) last and make sure it is dry before touching your clothes or other stuff.*You must hand wash costume before returning if stained.

It is our custom not to wear shoes/sandals when you are wearing ghungroo.* Please note, kids who are ready will be given the bells(talk to me if any questions regarding that )

Do the 'namaskar' on the stage /backstage before you start performing.*

I highly recommend you stay in auditorium to watch other kid's programs to encourage them.