"In Long Island in a big ball room full of audience from newyorker of india, Bangladesh where a famous Varat Natyam teacher was present and did perform as well. You might know her.Chandra Banerjee, masters in V Natyam, founder and teacher of Nrityanjoli,NY and kolkata,worked with Tanusree shanker.she just came forward after Brinda's dance was over, took Brinda in her lap and was asking who is her guru and told me she is in right hand .she is learning real varat natyam.her dance is telling me she is with a real varat natyam teacher.she was asking her to show how to do ganesha dance-the ist one she learned. Brinda did show her.I was overwhelmed and so greatful and thankful to you. brinda,gave all info about you to Chandra JI. Few other V. natyam graduates of ny also performed as well.
Later on in Jackson H,Queens there was a cultural event for Bengali NY where UN Bangladesh mission chief was present and brinda's Sarashati Bandana -means mamvadu-was inaugoral performance and was appreciated with huge applause by the audience and chief guests in the ist row took her while coming down from the stage and hugging and keeping her in their lap.we got lots of phone calls even after wards from friends families and deshies.and from Florida after they watched the performance.

Again I am sharing these with you b/c it happened due to your intense hardwork and sincerity in teaching of this great art.Hats off to you.

Bani Choudhari - Parent of  Brinda Roy

Thank you once again for a wonderfully entertaining and educational program last night. You, your daughter, Megha and student, Maathangi, were absolutely mesmerizing to watch dance. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we all gained a deeper appreciation for this lovely art!

Margaret McIntire -Adult Programming Coordinator/Mark Twain Library

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